What course should I take?

This is perhaps the most common question we get asked. Hopefully this will help to explain the differences. If you are still unsure, please do give us a call and we can certainly help.

First and foremost, we need to know if you are taking this course for work. If your workplace falls under jurisdiction of Worksafe BC and you are taking the course so you can be the designated first aid attendant, the you need a course that provides Occupational First Aid certification. We offer Red Cross Workplace Emergency First Aid which is Worksafe BC approved and meets all the certification requirements for Occupational First Aid Level 1. This course is focused on dealing with workplace accidents so only adult skills (CPR, Choking etc) are taught.

If your workplace falls under federal jurisdiction such as Transportation (Airlines, Trucking, Shipping) or other services such as RCMP or Canadian Border Services, then you do not fall under jurisdiction of Worksafe BC and will require Red Cross Standard or Red Cross Emergency First Aid. RCMP and Border Services both prefer the 16 hour Standard First Aid course.

Daycare or recreational facilities needing first aid skills covering Children and Infants will usually require either Red Cross Emergency First Aid (which covers Adult, Child and Infant skills) or Emergency Child Care First Aid (which covers only Child and Infant skills)

Students going into Nursing or Health Care programs may require only CPR Level C, however there are a few nursing schools that do ask for CPR Level HCP (Health Care Provider). Most of the nursing programs ask for Standard First Aid but you should check with your schools requirements and we do have an article that lists requirements for many of the local schools. If you were to take Emergency or Standard First Aid, these courses include CPR Level C. We can also provide CPR Level HCP certification in many of these courses as long as we know at the time of booking. If you’re not sure, Standard First Aid with CPR-HCP will cover any schools requirements.

Working out of province such as the Oil Fields or jobs in other areas of Canada or the World, you will need Red Cross Emergency or Red Cross Standard First Aid. If you’re in doubt, Red Cross Standard First Aid will meet pretty much any first aid requirements. Workplace Emergency First Aid (Occupational First Aid Level 1) being a Worksafe BC course is only recognized in this province so it would not be suitable for outside of BC.