Put your feet down!!

Over the summer months I seem to be noticing a lot of cars where the front passenger has their feet up on the dash.

I can’t say I really understand the appeal for passenger or especially the driver but seeing this makes me cringe. Think of the forces in a front end collision! You are sitting there with your mal-odorous tootsies waving in the breeze, then in an instant an impact occurs. In less that 1/20 of an second, the airbag deploys so you now have your ankles in your ears. Then comes the forward momentum as everything in the vehicle is shoved towards the firewall. You instantly find yourself in the worst possible position for a collision. There is a very high likelihood that the next thing you will experience will be a massive snap as your spine and spinal cord buckle. If you happen to survive the experience you will most certainly spend your remaining days in a wheel chair as a paraplegic. Please … when you are in the car, keep your feet on the floor, then everyone will breath a little easier … you can take that last statement in several ways, all correct.

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