Medic Alert Tattoo’s

In courses we always tell responders to check for medic alert tags. There are a growing number of people with medic alert tattoo’s. This is a great idea BUT the problem is that there are no standards defining what they need to look like. I’ve seen some that I would never have known was a medic alert unless I looked really closely. Another problem with medicalert tattattoo’s was mentioned by a student who had one identifying a severe allergy to bee stings. Apparently the allergy has in later years gone away, yet he still has the tattoo. Others have put the tattoo’s on other areas of the body which may or may not be checked by responders. We always check the wrist so that’s the best place for them. Medic Alert Tat’s are a great concept but if you’re going to get one make sure it’s very clear and easily seen.

CBC has done a good article on the topic which can be seen at this link

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