First Aid & Oxygen for Divers

Commercial DiverCommercial divers require first aid and oxygen administration certification which has to be kept current. This is also a recommended program for recreational divers. To assist with this we have developed a program specific for divers which consists of a first aid course combined with Canadian Red Cross Oxygen Administration certification.

Which first aid course you take will depend on your requirements:

If you are diving commercially in BC and need certification that meets Worksafe BC requirements, you simply attend any of our Workplace Emergency First Aid classes. This will provide certification that meets Occupational First Aid Level 1 requirements. At the end of the class, on the same day we will provide you with Oxygen Administration training and certification.

If your diving activities are outside of BC, you can take either Red Cross Emergency First Aid (8 hrs) or Red Cross Standard First Aid (16 hrs) and again we will provide the extra Oxygen Administration certification on completion of the course. Red Cross Standard First Aid certification is recommended but some companies will accept the shorter Emergency First Aid certification. We suggest you check with your employer to determine their requirements. If you’re not sure, Standard First Aid is the best option.

Cost for this program is $39 in addition to the cost of the First Aid Course you selected.

Instructor: Your instructor for this course is also a certified diver.

How to Register: Simply sign up for the first aid course that meets your requirements and let us know in the Comment  area of the registration form (or by phone) that you want to do the diver program.

Select the course you want below:

Workplace Emergency First Aid (OFA1 certification) (8 hr)

Red Cross Standard First Aid (16 hr)

Red Cross Emergency First Aid (8 hr)

When you register, please ensure you mention
that you want Diver certification.

 Open water class