Not all First Aid Training is created equal

I was speaking with someone recently who took an Emergency First Aid course through work. He went to apply for another job and the new employer said his certificate wasn’t acceptable. A little digging and I discovered that the previous training agency who taught his course, had developed their own “In-House” course and printed their own certificates. The course wasn’t an accredited program through any provincial or nationally recognized agency.

It’s important when you go for first aid training, that the agency is acredited with a regulating body. In our case we are afilliated with the Canadian Red Cross. Your certification card is issued under the name of that agency and as such it’s recognized anywhere in Canada or even around the world.

Is accreditation important? Absolutely because it means the training you are receiving is assured to meet standards that have been identified by international organizations such as the Canadian Red Cross, Canadian Heart Foundation and ILCOR (International Liason Committee on Resuscitation) that develop training standards to ensure the best possible care for injured persons. If your training is from an agency that has developed their own in-house programs, you have no such assurance and the agency isn’t accountable to anyone so you have no recourse if training is not satisfactory. Lastly many employers and organizations will not recognize this type of “certification” for liability and insurance reasons.

Critical Choices First Aid Training is an authorized Red Cross Training Partner. That means that we have Red Cross trained instructors and our courses are conducted to meet their guidelines.


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