DogSafe Canine First Aid Training


Critical Choices First Aid Training is proud to be able to provide DogSafe Canine First Aid Training. DogSafe is the premier provider of canine first aid and safety education for dog owners and dog professionals, in Canada, and around the world.

The goal of our DOGSAFE® courses and workshops is to teach you the necessary knowledge and skills which will empower you to take positive action in the event of any emergency involving a dog. Canine first aid is different than human first aid in that dogs cannot tell us what hurts and there is no ambulance to call for help.  Prevention of injury is the key, however, accidents do happen. What you do between when an injury happens and when veterinary care is available will greatly affect a dog’s chances of a full recovery.


In DOGSAFE® Part 1, You will Learn How to:

– prevent common injuries
– conduct a head to tail assessment
– tell if your dog is experiencing pain
– recognize 4 signs of illness or injury
– respond to any emergency in 4 easy steps
– safely approach an 
injured dog
– take your dog’s vital signs and 3 other health tests
– perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
– perform artificial respiration
– remove an airway obstruction  (choking)
– prevent and treat for shock
– control deadly bleeding
– deal with penetrating objects
– prevent and treat eye injuries
– prevent and treat abdominal wounds
– recognize risk factors and respond to bloat
– prevent and respond to drowning
– assess and respond to bone and joint injuries
– prevent and respond to poisonings
– prevent and respond to frostbite and hypothermia
– prevent and respond to heatstroke
– treat minor burns
– treat various wounds

Course Tuition: $139.00

Course Duration: This 8 hour course is taken either as one day (usually Saturday) or 2 evenings 6:30 to 10 pm during the week. See our course schedule for the next dates. Private group courses for groups as small as 4 can also be arranged at your location or ours.



For additional course information, please contact our
DOGSAFE instructor SHARI by phone at 604-614-1386
or by email through our contact page.


DOGSAFE® Course Manual Included:
DOGSAFE: Everything Your Dog Wants You to Know in an Emergency, by DOGSAFE®
creator, Michelle Sevigny is included FREE with DOGSAFE® Part 1 course registration. The 116 page comprehensive manual includes 56 real-life photographs and is spiral bound for durability. The course training and reference manual is reviewed by veterinarians, including Dr. James Lawson, Chief Animal Health Officer of the BC SPCA. 

PLUS, the course manual includes:
– a Vital Signs Checklist for keeping track of your dog’s essential information,
– a Disaster Preparedness Checklist,
– an Essential Phone Numbers list for easy access in emergencies
– a K9 Incident Report Form to ensure accurate info during veterinary follow-ups
– a multiple choice & true/false quiz to test your knowledge.

The DOGSAFE® training and reference manual contains even more topics that are not covered in the course — a priceless manual for future reference.


Hands-on Experience with Canine CPR Manikins
® Canine First Aid Authorized Instructors have invested in your canine first aid education by providing canine CPR manikins. These specialized manikins are vital educational tools that are considerably more life-like than using stuffed toys. Our manikins have working pulse and lungs enabling you to actually perform canine CPR, a technique that is not possible to conduct on live dogs. The DOGSAFE
 course goes beyond just watching an instructor demonstrate CPR and provides opportunities for hands-on practice with canine CPR manikins — an essential component to effective learning.


DOGSAFE Written Test
DOGSAFE® Canine First Aid Part 1 concludes with a written test to ensure that you leave the course with a thorough understanding — and confidence — to take positive action in any emergency involving a dog. We strongly believe in maintaining high standards in canine first aid education and we also believe in helping students be successful when learning new skills, so don’t worry, we are confident in our instructors, which results in our 100% student pass rate.


Certificates Awarded
Upon successful completion of the hands-on practical and written test, you will be granted a frame-ready, 8 1/2″ x 11″ DOGSAFE® certificate that you can be proud to show your family, friends, clients and even your dog!

Please note that we use state of the art canine manikins in the course, you will not bring your dog to the class!


For additional course information, please contact our
DOGSAFE instructor SHARI by phone at 604-614-1386
or by email through our contact page.