DefibTech AED Training

Do you have an AED in your workplace? While all First Aid and CPR courses provide AED training, it usually involves using a generic trainer AED that looks nothing like the one you actually have. While all AED’s tend to work pretty similar there are differences. The actual voice prompts, pad storage and connection, maintenance indicators, battery changing all vary from one AED to another. It’s strongly recommended that if you have an AED in your workplace, that you have training on that specific model. In fact here in British Columbia, it’s mandated by Worksafe BC. “The employer must provide training on the specific AED you have in your workplace”.

We are able to provide AED specific training on the Defibtech AED’s. This can be included at no charge with any of our first aid or CPR courses. We can also come onsite and deliver an AED familiarization session with one of these model AED’s either at your location or ours. This 2 hour course includes a CPR refresher for those already certified.

We can also provide training on LifePak and Cardiac Science AED’s.

Contact us for information, costs and booking 604-357-3432.


If you are looking to purchase an AED, we can assist you with the purchase. Through a special arrangement with Defibtech, we are able to get our students and clients a Defibtech AED with lifetime FREE updates!!