CPR is NOT as shown on TV

I saw a terrible representation of CPR on a TV program last night.

It is important to know that CPR does NOT work the way they show it in the movies and on TV. On TV the reacuer pumps the chest a few times and the victim suddenly recovers. In reality, it never happens like that!

With very few exceptions, CPR alone does not re-start a person’s heart. The objective of CPR is to maintain blood + oxygen flow to the brain and other vital organs until their heart can be re-started by other means … usually an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

People who experience cardiac arrest often remain unconscious for days. in many cases the hospital will keep them that way to allow the body time to recover.

CPR delivered promptly has been proven to significantly increase a persons chance of survival. The best possible outcome is when CPR is administered promptly and an AED is utilized within the first few minutes of cardiac arrest.

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