Standard First Aid

Red Cross Standard First Aid provides comprehensive First Aid & CPR techniques for those who want more knowledge to respond to emergencies in the home or workplace. A variety of topics are covered from basic first aid such as cardiovascular and breathing emergencies, CPR, prevention of disease transmission to more severe sudden medical conditions and injuries to the head and spine. Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Training and Certification is included in this course.

Duration: 16 hrs (either 2 days or 4 evenings)
Completion: 100% attendance, skills demonstration, and 75% min. passing grade at written exam
Certification: 3-year certification in Standard First Aid, CPR Level C*, and AED
Tuition: $150


Course Content

  • Preparing to Respond
  • The EMS System
  • Check Call Care
  • Airway Emergencies (Adult, Child, Infant)
  • Breathing and Circulation Emergencies (Adult, Child, Infant)
  • Respiratory and Cardiac Arrest (Adult, Child, Infant)
  • Automated External Defibrillator
  • Minor Wound Management
  • Head & Spine Injuries
  • Bone, Muscle and Joint Injuries
  • Sudden Medical Emergencies
  • Environmental Emergencies

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Take-home materials:

Red Cross First Aid & CPR Manual

Certification card

Wall certificate