Emergency Child Care First Aid & CPR

This course provides an overview of First Aid & CPR techniques taught in an interactive environment for individuals who care for infants or children in the workplace or at home. Covers skills needed to recognize, prevent and respond to cardiovascular emergencies, CPR Level B (Infant & Child), and other topics including choking, airway and breathing emergencies and prevention of disease transmission.

Duration: 8 hrs
Completion: this course requires 100% attendance, skills demonstration, and 75% min. on written exam
Certification: on successful completion you will be provided with 3-year certification in Emergency Child Care First Aid, CPR Level B, and AED
Tuition: $100



> Preparing to respond
> The EMS system
> Check, Call, Care
> Airway emergencies
> Breathing and circulation emergencies
> First aid for respiratory and cardiac arrest
> Head and spine injuries
> Bone, muscle and joint injuries
>Wound care
>Severe allergic reactions
> Sudden medical emergencies
> Environmental emergencies
> Poisons
> Keeping children safe

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Take-home materials:

Red Cross Child Care First Aid & CPR Manual

Certification card

Wall Certificate

If you are looking for a course that include skills affecting ALL age groups (Infants, Children and Adults) you might consider Red Cross Emergency First Aid or Red Cross Standard First Aid.