At Critical Choices First Aid Training we have a focus on providing training with an emphasis on what you need it for. Classes should not only be educational; they should be enjoyed as well. Our staff keep up to date on Adult Education as well as innovative techniques for First Aid instruction. In addition, our instructors are highly trained and experienced in their fields.

We offer Red Cross courses which are recognized throughout the country. They all include CPR and AED training, and a varying degree of knowledge and skill depending on the duration of the course. Two of our courses are a recognized OFA 1 equivalent.

Our Instructors

Sean Lawrencesson brings to the table a wide range of experience including firefighting, first aid contracting, and private ambulance work. He is a Red Cross instructor mentor and teaches up to and including the 2-week OFA 3 program. On his days off he enjoys hockey, playing with his various pets, playing his various musical instruments, and reading.