Effective March 31 2019 Canadian Red Cross CPR Level HCP (Health Care Provider) has been officially discontinued at a National Level. It is no longer available in Canada. The course has been replaced by the new Canadian Red Cross BLS (Basic Life Support). BLS is focused on high performance resuscitation and professional skills and does not provide prevention education and address other first aid components as was the case in the (now discontinued) Red Cross CPR Level HCP curriculum. The BLS course will be of interest to LPN’s, RN’s and MD’s working in an acute care hospital. Other facilities that may want BLS training / certification will be Sedation Dentistry Clinics, Medical Clinics and Doctors Offices. It is not a suitable course for members of the general public needing first aid and CPR for home or workplace emergencies.

CPR Level C is the best course for most people needing CPR training. This level of CPR can be taken as a stand alone CPR-C course or as part of Emergency, Standard or Marine first aid classes.

If you are interested in BLS, please contact us for information on our private group BLS courses. We are not currently providing public level BLS courses.